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Winter Guard

Collinsville High School Varsity Winter Guard 2019-2020

                Sara Vargas                 Lena Juenger                     Zelona Burns

                Alyssa Herman            Lorenzzi Zappa                 Tyler Hill

                Hannah Fedorchak    Sophie Brissenden            Jesus Gomez

                Alicia Swartz               Jordan Powers                 Rheaya Spillers

                Ana Ortiz                    Samantha Holshouser     Gabby Prenzel

                Rylee Mesnier            Jazmyn Rivera                  Abbie Otten

                Mykhia Bushking      Rachel Evans

Collinsville High School Junior Varsity Winter Guard 2019-2020

                Rileigh Otten             Dafhne Magadan      Ruby Cortez

                Madison Otten          Destiny Thomas         Caitie Branon

                Madison Hall            Carlee Houser           Amber Vargas

                Amori Anderson       Lilly Hoyt                   Malory Frey

                Emily Woodley         Zoey Ward                  Gabby Cuba

                Abby Goetter            Caleb Luecking          Brittany Bettorf

                Cassandra Stirling   Abigail Hawes           Ellie Martin

                Maleah Gilliland     Zachary Jones           Christina Cheeseboro

                                                Sarah Chandler

The CHS Winter Guard program consists of two auditioned groups. Auditions occur in early November and rehearsals start mid-November. The groups are under the direction of Mr. William Nagorski with assistance from Hannah Austin, and Mallory Moyers. The Winter Guards rehearse at the Webster Elementary and Kreitnerj Elementary gymnasiums. The groups compete in the MCCGA and WGI circuits, and will be competing in the following competitions for the 2019-2020 year:

February 8 - Edwardsville High School
February 29 - Chicago - Naperville High School (WGI)
March 14 - Wentzville High School
March 21 - O'Fallon Township High School
March 28 - MCCGA Championships - Springfield, MO

Juniors and seniors in the CHS Winter Guard program will be eligible for a PE waiver for 2nd semester. The PE waiver form will need to be filled out and signed by the athletic director before registering for class. That form can be found HERE.