Tag Days

If you are working a 6-8 am shift you are responsible to drive or be driven to your location.  You will need to take your marching uniform home with you on Wednesday evening along with donation cans (I will make sure that Mathew has some in the uniform room).

Report to the Band room 30 minutes prior to your scheduled work time.    Sign in when you leave for your assignment and sign out when you leave at the end of your shift.


Wear your uniform with pride.  If it is damaged, you will be responsible.  Uniform must be worn at all times.  If you are in Guard, please see Leah Cummings for uniform!


ZERO tolerance for poor behavior

                No inappropriate language or actions

                Cell phone are not to be used except to contact the band room.  TEXTING will not be tolerated

                Do NOT leave your assigned post

                No paid lunch breaks – work with Ms. Votoupal


Money Handling:

                All money donations are to go directly into the canisters.  Once in the canister is can only be removed by an adult band volunteer.

                Donations are NOT to be used to purchase soda, snacks, etc.


If you cannot work a schedule that you signed up, please contact Ms. Votoupal ASAP. 



Ms. Votoupal’s contact information is 618-960-0718 or the band room 618-346-6320, ext 1234.  If you text Ms. Votoupal, please include your name in the text.

To view the schedule on the sheet below click on the bottom right corner for "Friday Shifts" and "Saturday Shifts"

Tag Days